Conforming to the World or Not?

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2 (NIV)

We need to check ourselves every day.  Do we still conform to the worldly pattern or not?


Filipino Dreams are Opportunities, Do Not Steal

We only see the large population of the Philippines as a problem. We think not all of us could contribute to make our nation better. There are out-of-school youth. Others barely finish primary school. Our countrymen’s lack of education means lack of opportunities for them. Lack of opportunities means difficulty to support their loved ones. It also means that we have to support them and we think they are nuts because they cannot support themselves. That is what we see, a big problem.

But we need to look deeper. Are we really doing anything to help those in need? Do we, at least, encourage the poor? Well, I don’t think so. We are busy with our own wants and needs. We often neglect the needs of our fellow people. Whenever we see them, we may look at them with mercy then forget them. Some of us look down at them, mock them, abuse them. We cannot blame them if they cannot help themselves because we that can assist them are not helping them. Instead of making them think positively, we are the ones who bring them down. Some of us even think that these poor ones are criminals. Some of the people we consider as criminals commit crimes because they are hopeless. Some of the poor that do not become criminals just stop dreaming and accept their “fate” of being poor forever. In short, we, the people who can help, are the ones stealing the opportunities from them. We snatch away their hope because of how we treat them.

We are now at 80 million and still growing. Each one of us has a dream, a dream planted inside of us before we are born. Every Filipino has a purpose of making our country or even the world to become better. If we help each other to nurture and fulfill each dream we have, our country will become a blessing. No one will ever look on us down. Those people who we believe are poor might be the ones who will bring hope in this country. The people who we look down might be the ones that will move our country to greater heights.

Let us stop stealing opportunities. Stop destroying dreams. Let us give hope to each one of us and the Philippines will shine like a star in the darkness.

Commuters’ Helper

There are times when commuters:

  1. don’t know how to get to their destination
  2. don’t know what mode of public transport to use to arrive to their destination
  3. want to arrive to their destination using the fastest way

Actually, I want to share my idea to address this problem which causes them stress.

There must be a SMS service or mobile application to help the commuters get to their destination.  Using SMS or the application, a commuter must submit the place where he / she is supposed to come from and where he / she wants to go.  Then, the response received from SMS or app will list what modes of public transport are plying the <source>-<destination> route.  There will be also comparison among the public transport choices (shortest path, fastest time, traffic situation, etc.).

With the help of this solution, commuters will arrive to their destination with lesser stress and they will not be disappointed because they know they arrived to their destination as they expected.

Be Part of a Team

People often see me as a loner but I just realize that its not good and I must be part of a team.
Being alone may have perks but being like that for the rest of our lives will not help us grow.
Being in a team is not just for our benefit. We could be able to help other people reach their full potential. We could share what we have instead of keeping it to ourselves. And that’s great because by doing that, we know that we are living for a purpose.
It’s good for us to be in a team of where members really help each other but not to the point of being too dependent. It should be a team where everybody works.
So, don’t be a loner. Be in a great team and learn to share and help.

God is Life and Hope

God is alive which means God is the God of the living.  He is neither a dead God nor God of the dead.  Who are we to think that He is not existing?  We are breathing because of Him.

God is life and in life there is hope.  God is our hope.  We must thank Him for everything especially the gift of life.

Are public places in Manila really secure?

I always go to public areas during weekdays.  I always ride trains and walk inside the malls to get to the train station.  But I’m still worried about our security.  Our government assures us that we are safe but I think otherwise.  Why?  Security personnel just pretend that they’re checking our bags by just pointing their sticks.  They’re not really looking for the contents of our baggage.  I will not be surprised when a bomb will explode or another hostage crisis takes place inside public places.